Patti Smith

Patti Smith
Living Her Legacy/Zonta Club Fort Collins

Patti  Smith, R.N. is the Founder/Executive Director of Living Her Legacy (LHL) and a member of the Zonta Club of Fort Collins (ZFC).

The LHL nonprofit is a 501c3 approved IRS entity. We have have been approved to create the first Historic public art/education exhibit in Fort Collins Recognizing Women. Inspiring Girls.  The public art exhibit will be housed on the northside of CooperSmith's Poolside beginning in 2021.  The education programs begin 2021 with the Girl Leaders program.

Do you have a passion to support women and girls and to inspire girls futures?  Contact Patti Smith to learn about both organizations.  

FB:  HerLegacyWomenofFortCollins, IG:  @Living_Her_Legacy


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