Joining our networking group is easy! Being a part of the group is a fun and educational experience and we are sure you will be happy you’ve joined.

Here are some common questions that our upcoming and current members have about our group.

  • What is a networking group?

    A networking group is an effective means of meeting and getting to know other business people in your community who may need your product and or service. Creating a business alliance is a wonderful tool!
  • What do you do?

    We meet for lunch each month. Many members come early to meet new people and trade leads or business ideas. During our meetings you’ll have an opportunity to stand up and introduce yourself and your business. We also have committee reports about our activities and generally have a speaker to give us an inside look at how we can all improve our businesses. You’ll meet everyone in the room in an efficient manner.
  • How would I participate?

    First, you need to make a reservation on our website, Come early so you can participate in open networking prior to the meeting and stay after the meeting as well. During our meeting we will have several opportunities for attendees to participate through some sort of networking activity.
  • What are your attendance requirements?

    You may attend as a guest twice – and should have a good idea at that time to decide if our group is a good fit for you. To join, you will meet with our membership chairperson who will assist you from there. We hope you’ll be able to make all of our monthly meetings to contribute your business knowledge and learn about other businesses; however, we understand not everyone can always make all the meetings and you may send a substitute when you can’t attend, who may attend at the member price.
  • What is the WDC?

    The Women’s Development Council (WDC) is the umbrella for many networking organizations in northern Colorado. The WDC is a non-profit group designed to enhance the personal and professional development of women in business. Each of the six WDC groups including BWNFC hosts an all-WDC event each year so you’ll have the opportunity to meet business people in neighboring communities. As a member of BWNFC, you are entitled to attend any of the other five WDC groups at their member price. A list of all the other groups and their meeting places can be found at
  • Are there any Dues to Join?

    Yes, the dues are $90 for the year from January through December. Members of other WDC groups may opt to join BWNFC as an affiliate member for $35 annually. An affiliate is then eligible to speak at BWNFC meetings, attend all member-only social events, and display literature and materials on a spotlight table.
  • What do I need to do to join?

    You can join at any monthly meeting or on the website which is and we will be able to assist you in each step of the way. It’s very easy and beneficial.
  • How does the BWNFC promote itself?

    The power of “word of mouth” has proven to be the most successful means of communication since the beginning of time. We do, however, send out press releases and consistently have a presence at numerous other networking organizations in northern Colorado.
  • Do you get together outside of meetings?

    YOU BET! We may take our networking seriously but we sure know how to have a great time doing it! We have an incredible “social coordinator” who makes sure we have fun activities outside of our monthly meetings. There are four BWNFC socials planned per year and they are at no cost to members. In addition, we are invited at no cost to an additional social given by each of the other groups belonging to the WDC network so your membership in BWNFC gives you networking opportunities with members of five other networking groups in Northern Colorado.